BankNifty BN Option Chain Analysis, Strangle Straddle Returns, Expected Movement – 14th January 2020

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14th January 2020

Key Levels for BankNifty SPOT to watch for – 30976, 31329, 31684, 32041, 32400, 32761, 33124 – these levels act as strong support/ resistance

Range – 32000 to 32500 – from the BankNifty Open Interest charts

Top 3 OI levels on the PE side – 32000 , 31500 , 31000

Top 3 OI levels on the CE side – 32500 , 33000 , 32200

Max Pain – 32100

Put-Call Ratio (PCR) – 0.82 (1.3 bearish reversal, 0.5 bullish reversal)

Explanation to this table here –

Also, this table is LIVE here –

Strangle and Straddle Returns Table

Explanation to this table here –

Also, this table is LIVE here –

BankNifty BN expected movement with 0.5 SD to 3.5 SD (Reference – Previous day’s closing price)

Explanation to this table here – NBN Standard Deviation Table explained

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