Get Started here! – WhatsApp Telegram group for sharing ideas

Hey Guys, We have been discussing quite a lot of ideas regarding option strategies. We have formed a few whatsapp groups to enable retail traders benefit from option strategies. Please do join our group if you are interested – Whatsapp/ Telegram

Do feel free to shoot out questions, participate in the discussions.

Here is a detailed step-by-step post on how to use the daily levels and various tools available on our site.

1. For starters, you can check the following video on Basics of options, Option Selling Basics

2. Our 1% per week strategy is explained here, it is based on 20 years BN SPOT data. You can see the performance of the strategy here

3. [Tool] You can use the range for a particular day – BankNifty Range using Standard Deviation – Link here

4. [Tool] Option Chain Analysis can be used to check the options position – entry, unwinding etc – Link here

5. [Tool] If you see a Directional trend for the day, you can write options single-side option tool – Link here

6. [Tool] If you see a Range-bound/ Neutral trend for the day, you can write options on both sides using Straddle/Strangle tool – Link here

7. Daily Support and Resistance levels are posted below

8. Top-3 Levels on both CE and PE levels for both Nifty and BankNifty are posted on our Telegram group

9. Social Connect – Be a part of our group – Whatsapp/ Telegram

10. Still have any questions – Check this QnA forum or post your queries here

11. Training on Trading – Be a part of our daily trading discussion group

12. New features, upcoming tools – quick preview. We have 1-min data for BN and N options for the past 3-4 years


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