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  1. Intra day option selling (added on 19th January 2020) – Exploring if there is an opportunity to sell options (intra day). The distribution is ‘almost’ a normal distribution. X Axis – % movement, Left Y Axis – % occurrence, Right Y Axis – SD value. With this one can decide the entry point, SL and target for intra-day option selling trades.
  2. Naked one leg option writing. Auto-triggers/ email alerts
  3.  Double sides/legs option writing – Auto triggers/ email alerts
  4. Powerful programs that limit risk and maximize the upside
  5. Identifying best option strikes, time to writing, hedge etc
  6. Summary of trade (real-time)

Other thoughts to be experimented (Work in progress)

  1. Option chain analysis (real-time)
  2. Real-time short straddles and short strangles
  3. Probability curves
  4. Change in OI and analysis
  5. Analysis around entry date and exit w.r.t. the expiry date
  6. FII DII Pro Retail analysis
  7. Max pain theory
  8. Building option strategies (more user-friendly version)
  9. Trading pyschology
  10. How to become a 1-hour trader
  11. Monte carlo simulations
  12. Option Buyers vs Option Sellers
  13. Market humour
  14. Best tools identified in other websites

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