BankNifty BN Option Chain Analysis Strangle Straddle Returns Expected Movement 23rd November 2020

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23-November-2020 Today’s Analysis of BankNifty (BN) Option Chain Week’s Range is: 28000 to 29500 Key Levels to watch for in BankNifty (BN) SPOT today: 28730, 28900, 29070, 29241, 29412, 29584, 29756 Top 3 OIs on PE side: 1 – 28000, 2 – 27000, 3 – 26000 Top 3 OIs on CE side: 1 – 29500, 2 – 30000, 3 – 30500
Option chain Table Sample Table below Explanation to this table here – Also, this table is LIVE here – Strangle and Straddle Returns Table Sample Table below
Explanation to this table here – Also, this table is LIVE here – BankNifty BN expected movement with 0.5 SD to 3.5 SD (Reference – Previous day’s closing price) Sample Table below
Explanation to this table here – NBN Standard Deviation Table explained For any queries, do post your questions here in our QnA forum here – )
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