BankNifty BN Option Chain Analysis, Strangle Straddle Returns, Expected Movement – 4th April 2019

4th April 2019 – Nice volatile day as BankNifty moved close to 1.5% (450+ points). Tough day for ATM option sellers with strict SL. Though the news was positive on rate cut, markets may have had factored it already. BN crashed close to 350+ in the span of 30 mins.

Option chain – (11th April expiry) – Since it is the beginning of the expiry, writers wrote at almost all the strikes, majorly multiples of 500. 30300, 30500 and 31000 act as the resistance on the CE side while 30000, 29500 and 29000 act as support

Key levels to watch for – 29412, 29584, 29756, 29929, 30102, 30276

Range – 29500 to 30500

Max Pain – 30100 (D-1: 30300, D-2: 30300, D-3: 30400, D-4: 30300, D-5: 30100)

PCR – 0.83

(Explanation to this table here – Also, this table is LIVE here – )

Strangle and Straddle Returns Table


(Explanation to this table here – ). Also this table is LIVE here – )

BankNifty BN expected movement with 0.5 SD to 3.5 SD (Reference – Previous day’s closing price)


(Explanation to this table here – ). 

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