Performance sheet

Rajib Mitra asked 5 years ago

Hi Raghu
Is it possible to share how many lots are being used in the strategy that are listed in the sheet. Also are these weekly expiry or monthly for the count is given on the basis of week.
Also as you mentioned that you hedge the strangle positions doesn’t it convert into Iron Condor – just wondering; if you can help understand that.

1 Answers
Raghu Staff answered 5 years ago

1) I do/use Short Strangles, Straddles depending on certain parameters. Assuming 50k-60k per leg (positional trades), it is 10 legs on PE side and 10 on CE side. I have scaled up the capital now.
2) All positional trades on weekly options
3) Yes, depending on volatility and certain parameters, I convert them to Iron condor (or buy hedge on only one side)
Hope this is clear.