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Sreeni asked 5 years ago

Hi Sir,  I am trying to understand BNF range with some example, how many days we have to consider the calculation (close price) 10 or 30 days ?  Can you please example for today calculation (29624-30111) I have taken one-year data points and I got 30093 (upper) – 29557 Please explain    

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Raghu Staff answered 5 years ago

You can use 30 days close price to compute the expected range of the closing price after ‘n’ days. If you take too small a period, then the range will get skewed towards the recent past (short-term). Likewise, if you take too large a range, then the range will get smoothened out, and may not be useful

sreeni answered 5 years ago

Thank you for Quick reply, based on 30 days (data points for NIFTY)  I got this range for next day 1sd  11681.13 11536.4  is it correct?

Sreeni replied 5 years ago

for tomorrow I got these numbers 11694.40529

Raghu Staff answered 5 years ago

Broadly looks right.
We have not been tracking Nifty actively, will let you know reg. this soon.
Others who have been tracking Nifty, please reply on this.

Sreeni answered 5 years ago

Sir I got below levels for nifty and banknifty





pls let me know is it correct